An event hosted by Cruise Planners-Oasis Voyages is proud to announce it’s Annual Regal Runway and Repartee Symposium events, as we journey to various destinations around the world . Every year we set sail to a Prime location where we treat our attendees like royalty and feature different segments centered on empowering,uplifting and celebrating women and men of varies backgrounds and career choices. We aim to inspire more individuals to network and play a more supportive role in each other’s lives and or businesses.

We understand that there are many of us, willing to lend a helping hand to show that there can be positivity and upliftment once we look past the exterior and simple ask him or her “how did you do it”. This allows us to feature a hand selected panel every year that touches a particular topic of interest,this brings value to our audience by allowing them to learn from others who are leading the charge in their chosen fields.

With creative mines we birthed ‘ROYAL VISION VOYAGE

Its where we can celebrate each other, have fun and learn from those who are successful in their on rights. This event is like no other. Enjoy days of FASHION,FOOD,FUN all while equipping yourself with the necessary tools you need to go out there live the life you deserve.

“During your hustle, remember to live not just exist”