Marsha Sauveur
 Viva La Mexico. This was such an amazing time...believe it or not it was not just about the "turn up" It was about women empowering and pouring greatness into each other... with no distractions nobody having run out and get the kids or run an errand or worry about what's for dinner. You had time to focus on you and learn best practices from successful women and a few awesome men. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to experience this greatness...all through networking with Yassin Hall who connected me with the one and only Sasha Espada who we appreciate dearly for pulling this all off! It was an experience like no other and I can't wait for the next one. 
Alcia MsGeeana Simeina
 Let me just start by saying the man above puts you in places where he knows you belong. I had such an awesome time being inspired, encouraged and empowered but some powerful women Yassin Hall Sasha Espada Kat Gray and many many many more. The education that was lured into me was overwhelming and I so appreciate what they had to give and offer me. Let's just say I formed some really good relationships with my girls. Andrea Williams and Tanisha Frost thank you for giving me life on the trip. You all are the best. Marsha Sauveur and quidra as always I love y'all and we shall do it this again. Let's see what next trip has to bring. 

Diahann John Baptiste’s Testimonial

Natasha Roach’s Testimonial